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Get Real YouTube Views in a few minutes

The process it’s very easy. Just follow the steps to receive your Views.
1. Choose a quantity

Choose the quantity of Views that you want to receive on your YouTube video.

2. Indicate the URL

Introduce your video URL to be processed on the system.

3. Wait few minutes

Just wait few minutes until you start receiving Real Views on your video.

4. Recommend us (optional)

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Common questions and answers

The service is reliable?

Yes, the service is completely professional, safe and secure. It’s only a 100% high quality service.

How many time can take the real views delivery?

Almost all the times, it can take few minutes (or few extra, if you ordered a big amount). Sometimes can appear few delays due to the delivery volume. Don’t worry, the delivery will be always completed.

Any good reason to get real views on my videos?

Sure, there a lot of reasons to increase your number of Real Views. More Users following your channel increases the possibilities to get your videos on the recommended section, which is more probably that new people is going to know your feed.

Is it safe to Get Real Views on YouTube?

Yes, it is 100% safe and secure. All the views are added in a safe mode, and all of them are coming from very high quality sources.

How many Real Views will I get?

You will receive approximately the quantity of Views that you choose. Most of the times you can receive a few extra of them.

Can my channel be on private mode?

In the moment of the delivery, the channel should be in public mode to allow our system work. If the channel is in private mode, the delivery will be automatically stopped by the system. After the delivery, you can turn your channel counter again to private mode.

Can I get banned for receiving new Views?

No, your channel will be always 100% safe. The delivery of Real Views it’s just a group of users watching the video of another user. Don’t worry, we never had any issue with this.

Do I need to provide my channel password?

No, we will never require your password. Our system only requires your video URL and your email, to notify you about the delivery. Anything else is needed.

You will provide views only on one video?

We will deliver Views on the number of videos that you choose. Nevertheless, you can renew your package at the end of each order.

Can be dropped any of the Views?

It’s not usual to get any drops. Nevertheless, sometimes due to internal YouTube updates can occur that any of the views drops. For this reason we always offer long term guarantees to cover any dropped view and resend it.

Benefits of getting Real Views on YouTube

If you are just starting your YouTube channel and are gearing up to post your first few videos then you will probably be aware of how important the first few days and the views you accumulate during those are and how they can truly shape how quickly your account will grow.

Buying Real YouTube views can be a great way of improving how your channel ranks among other channels. A higher-ranking channel will appear to more people and will thus generate more clicks, views, comments, and likes from users who come across your content. Depending on how appealing your video thumbnail and title are you could see your video quickly going viral.

With more views come more YouTube Subscribers and higher credibility as your channel will appear to be more legitimate to viewers who check out all of your existing content. The traffic generated through the bought views will also help people from your niche find your channel faster.

With bought views building your channel and starting to monetize from it becomes that much easier as you will be generating traffic and increasing your subscriber count much faster. Your channel will also rank higher in YouTube searches making it easier for new viewers to find your channel and engage with your content.